"The Engine Rebuild Expert"

Brant Caulley

“I’m a self-taught Porsche mechanic.”

Brant Caulley grew up in Claremore, Oklahoma, an all American boy from the heartland. When he is not rebuilding and repairing Porsches, Brant is racing motorcycles, romping off-road and camping.

“I grew up fixing motorcycles. Couldn’t afford to pay a mechanic, so I had to learn to fix my own motorcycle. Same thing got me to the 900 Series. I’m a self-taught Porsche mechanic. When I moved to Las Vegas, I met Tony at a Porsche event. The rest is history.” The most challenging thing for Brant isn’t work, it’s choosing what to drive on the weekend: his Porsche 911, his 928, his Harley, or racing his Ducati.

My Favorite Cricket

With two grandfathers who served in WWII Army Infantry, it is no surprise Brant spent 8 years in military service. With a love for speed and expertise in mechanic repairs, it’s no surprise he returned to mechanic work in his civilian life. The only surprise is the rescue dog Cricket, who rapidly became Brant’s best friend in Las Vegas.

As the team expert in 928s, the other mechanics are glad to defer to Brant. “We help each other on repairs, whenever it’s needed. With so many Porsche models and years of cars still on the road, and the differences between the new water cooled models and the old school air cooled models, not one of us can know everything. Together, we can make any Porsche perfect.”

The 900 Series / Carl's Place

3043 Meade Ave Suite A,

Las Vegas, NV 89102

The 900 Series / Carl's Place

3043 Meade Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA