"Professor Porsche"

Tony Mazzagatti

A Brief History

Carl’s Place, Inc. was founded in 1974 by Carl Young after a successful career as an Air Force jet pilot. Carl’s extensive experience as a Porsche racer also formed a strong base for the company. It was originally formed as a service, repair, restoration and race preparation shop exclusively for Porsche manufactured automobiles.



As of January 1, 2005 Carl’s Place, Inc., in Las Vegas, was purchased by Tony Mazzagatti allowing Carl a well deserved retirement. All of the existing personnel and experience remained with the company and the original mission has continued to this present day.

Tony’s Porsche experience began in 1967 with the purchase of his first Porsche. Since that first purchase he and his wife Diana have personally owned over twenty five Porsches before ever acquiring Carl’s Place, Inc. They have been active members of the Porsche Club of America continually since that time. Tony has held positions in five Regions of the Porsche Club throughout the United States including President, Vice President, Secretary and Newsletter Editor. He is an avid Porsche racer and driving instructor even finishing second in class in the 2013 PCA Club Race National Championship. His experience also includes many awards for the restoration, preservation and showing of numerous Porsches over the years.

The 900 Series / Carl's Place

3043 Meade Ave Suite A,

Las Vegas, NV 89102

The 900 Series / Carl's Place

3043 Meade Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA